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Account QuestionsUpdated 4 months ago

My account email verification link is giving an error! 

Account email links expire after a period of time. The original ones expired after an hour. The new ones expire after 1 day. If you have a problem with the email verification link, don't worry we've still captured your sign-up and your account will not be impacted.

I used the wrong email or misspelled my email when I signed up!

Just contact support and we can get that changed for you.

I want my account to be removed.

Just contact support with your account email address and the date of birth on the account. Delete an account removes it completely from our system and your data will no longer be available.

Can I start over with a fresh account?

We encourage everyone to just keep going with their existing account. For the contest, what matters is that you take photos during the sign-up period. Starting and then missing out for a month or three happens. Just pick it up and keep going.

I went premium but nothing changed in my app.

Once you go Premium, you'll need to go My Profile and change your workout and / or nutrition preferences there.

I purchased a premium subscription but it is still prompting me to purchase premium!

If that happens, please try the following:

  • For iOS:

    1. Open the side menu.
    2. Tap on "Help & Support"
    3. Tap on "Refresh Premium Status"
    4. If this does not fix it for, you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

  • For Android:

    1. Go to your Google Play Account and cancel the subscription.
    2. Go back into the app, go to "Help & Support".
    3. Tap "Clear Caches".
    4. Log out.
    5. Delete and reinstall the app.
    6. Log back in (don't create a new account).
    7. Try the subscription again.
    8. If that does not work, please contact support.
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