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Account Questions

My account email verification link is giving an error!. Account email links expire after a period of time. The original ones expired after an hour. The new ones expire after 1 day. If you have a problem with the email verification link, don't worry w

Troubleshooting Question

If you ever find yourself getting logged out and unable to log in or otherwise just not able to use the app, check your connectivity. Here are some tips that have worked for others:. If you are on cellar data, check your data settings. Phones can be

General App Questions

The app currently only integrates with Google Fit. If you want to sync Samsung Health data, you will need to sync it with Google Fit using a 3rd party app. Please check that the app has the correct permissions. You can drop your advisor at any time.

Managing/Cancelling Your App Subscription

How do I manage or cancel my subscription?. 1st Phorm does not have access to credit cards and cannot help you with billing related questions. If you have billing related questions, please contact Apple or Google Play directly.