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Choosing the right protein powder for you!

It’s early in the morning, and you’re rushing around the house to get ready for work. Breakfast is your last priority, but you know how important it is to get your day started off with a good, healthy breakfast. Or, you just finished up an awesome wo

Opti-Greens50 VS Opti-Reds50

One question I get asked often is, “What’s the difference between Opti-Greens 50 and Opti-Reds 50?”. It's usually followed up by “Which one should I take?", or "Should I be taking them both?”. And just like a lot of things in regard to supplements, i

Learn about Creatine and its benefits!

If you’re new to the world of sports, and weightlifting, you may have never heard of creatine before. If you’re a veteran weight lifter, you probably know that creatine helps improve your gains, but might not quite understand how or why it’s so popul

Learn about Pre-Workout and which one is right for you!

Pre-workout supplements - often shortened to just "pre-workouts" - are a combination of ingredients intended to help your body operate at it's best during physical activity. The ingredients in most pre-workout supplements give your body the fuel, ene

Learn about Protein and what it does for you!

Thinking back to when I first began my fitness journey, or even prior to that, I remember what I thought protein was... To me, protein was just meat and protein powders that were used by bodybuilders to get jacked. Fortunately, through proper educati

Learn about Collagen and how it works!

Collagen is a growing trend in the health and wellness industry, but is it worth it?. In this article, we’ll explain what collagen does, whether or not collagen supplements work, and what to look for in a supplement if you’re looking to boost your co

Everything you need to know about fish oil

Omega 3s... We hear about them often and how important they are to our health... But for most of us, we’re just not getting enough omega-3s. In fact, two out of every three adults suffer from some degree of omega-3 deficiency. This number is signific

What are Meal Replacement Protein Powders?

By far one of the biggest struggles for most people trying to live a healthy lifestyle is getting optimal amounts of protein. It's also one of the most beneficial things you can do, whether your current goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or just overall

Learn about Amino Acids and when to use them!

When it comes to health and fitness, we hear a lot about Amino Acids. But what are Amino Acids?. Where do they come from?. What do Amino Acids do?. Those are all great questions, and little do most people know … amino acids come from protein. Underst

Do post workout shakes improve my results?

This day in age, “Fitness” and how to look and feel the way you want can get a little confusing…. There are many different diets all claiming to be the best by the people who follow them…. There are more supplements than ever…. Even the food industry

How do vitamins effect my health? My goals?

If you are already conscious about your health and performance, or looking to start, you have probably been told to improve your diet. When I first started my own health and fitness journey, I assumed that meant cutting out fast food & sugary drinks,

Quick Video on Muscle Building Supplements!

Quick video on some of the best supplements to help build muscle! Check it out. If you have any questions about protein, your nutrition plan, or anything else to help you get the best results possible, just send us a message HERE

Whey Protein VS Plant Based Protein- Which is the right choice?

Regardless of what your health or fitness goal(s) may be, protein will play a huge role in the results you see. When it comes to building muscle, protein is a must! This is because protein (the right kind and the right amount) helps with new muscle g

Do protein powders make you gain weight?

Growing up as an athlete, I always heard that protein powder was the key to getting jacked. Because of that, I was always eager to get my hands on some. Other times, I heard that protein powder will make you “bulky” … and it was said in a negative wa

Can you take pre-workout on an empty stomach?

As humans, we're always looking for a new or better way to gain a slight edge and improve. When it comes to making sure you get the best workout, it’s no different. In fact, pre-workouts were invented in 1982 for this reason: to take our workout perf

BCAA's vs CREATINE: Which is better?

When it comes to sports supplements, two that you'll often hear about are BCAAs and creatine. There's plenty of research on them, and they can both help you reach your goals. It’s no wonder why so many people are looking into them. Both BCAAs and cre

How to choose the right Plant-Based Protein Powder

Protein is a hot topic today, and for good reason. As health & fitness become bigger priorities in our lives, protein naturally gets talked about more and more. Protein is important for the repair and growth of muscle tissue, but it goes so much deep

Whey Protein: Should You Use It?

We all hear about 1,000 different things that can help when it comes to our health and fitness goals. For this reason, it can be really hard to know what's out there that can help the most. Whether you're trying to gain muscle, lose weight, or even i

The Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil: It's a supplement I'm sure you've heard plenty about. If you haven’t heard of fish oil before, I'd be surprised! When it comes to supplements, it's among the most popular. Either way, I'm sure you came to find out about the benefits of fish